Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stacked one on top the other...

Cremation niches, Hollywood Forever

Not even in death can one escape thier fellow Los Angelean. They stack 'em up high like cordwood out here.

In both life and death, we are all just too close for comfort in LA. The thought for this post came to me as I watched our more or less all the time tispy neighbor park her car OVER the line of some one's driveway, thus blocking most of it.

The owners of said driveway came home, had an awful time getting in their drive. Within minutes, the more or less nasty guy who lives there came out and placed what I guess is a more or less nasty note on the more or less tispy person's car.

Now, I could have told the tispy person to come move her car, could have told the nasty guy who had blocked them in....but as the nasty people have the highly excitable and audible dogs that bark all day long while their people are away...I decided, "screw it!", let 'em stew!

I know. Not nice of me. Not at all.

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