Friday, September 17, 2010

New Year, New Blog

No, I am not Jewish...I simply subscribe to the notion that Fall would be a better place to begin a new year as opposed to the dead of winter.

There's something about the crisp and cooling air of Autumn that calls me to straighten the house, clean out the drawers and the closets and clean out my head while I'm at it. This is the season where I begin new diets, new jobs blogs!

Fall is also a PRIME season for going on a good cemetery crawl which brings us to the purpose of this online journal. I am a cemetery groupie from way back. Over the years, I have visited a lot of cemeteries and have taken oodles of pictures. Why leave them to molder in a box in the storage room when I can share them here!

In addition to posting the old pictures, I will try each week to visit and record my impressions of some of the best stone gardens the area has to offer and share them here.


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